Investing in Innovation (i3)

Our i3 Investing in Family Engagement Project was awarded $15 million by the U.S. Department of Education for a five-year (2013-2017) project to advance student learning and school turnaround.  Partners include—

Implementing FAST® in Urban Philadelphia Elementary Schools

We are working with principals, teachers, parents, and local agency partners at 58 urban public schools that were selected based on standardized test measures and principal approval.   With on-the-ground partners, we are reaching out to K-2 families to—

  • Build and strengthen bridges between home and school—to better support young children and their learning
  • Empower adults and children alike with new skills
  • Expand parent networks
  • Improve classroom climate

Evaluating FAST® Impacts on Students, Families and Classroom Climate

AIR is conducting a Randomized Control Trial and quasi-experiment to evaluate individual- and classroom-level impacts of our family engagement-focused i3 project.  We also conducted focus groups with 43 parents/guardians.

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“Buy-In” vs. “Allowed In”: Lessons Learned in Family Engagement Program Recruitment and Retention
In the Annenberg Institute's August issue of VUE (Voices in Urban Education) PhillyFAST-i3's Susan Smetzer-Anderson and Jackie Roessler discuss how parent focus groups reveal insights about the communication, collaboration, and community buy-in needed for successful family engagement in an under-resourced urban district.

i3 Video

See FAST at work in Philly schools—with families, teachers, and staff leaders.


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